10 August 2011
Oh man, this is seriously out of date! Anyway, I'm proud of the music that's posted here; I hope you enjoy it. If anyone ever wants to have a private "Drone Party" (see Biography), let me know. Otherwise, I'm back in Chicago and working with old friends on fantastic new music. When that has a public face, I'll hyperlink (yeah!) to it.

30 April 2008
Wow, where has the time gone? My last post here was almost 2 years ago! Well, that baby came - Hazel is her name - and babies take some time. That, and I had to complete my PhD dissertation, which I successfully defended in August 2007. So now I'm Dr. Ray Dybzinski. Oh, and then we moved from Minnesota to Princeton, New Jersey, where I've been hired as a postdoc to work with Steve Pacala. Then some computers got old and stopped working as well as they had, which meant that my old way of composing music on an Eventide Orville didn't work reliably. Which was deeply frustrating. So... I spent the last four months learning the free sound synthesis program SuperCollider. That was also deeply frustrating, but ultimately rewarding. The program is amazing and allows me to do all of the audio wizardry that I've always dreamt about but never thougth was possible. (I actually caught myself thinking the other day: "I'm glad I'm alive in a time when SuperCollider exists.") I'm still learning, but my trainer song is pretty damn cool - I'm calling it "melodica of wind in unseen branches". When it's finished, some months from now, I'll post it for free download. Actually, that's what I'll do from now on: post songs for free download when they're finished. Until then...

17 May 2006
Thanks to everyone who came out for my spate of shows this past winter/spring! I'll be on the down low until the fall. Why? Got a baby comin'...

29 March 2006
I've uploaded video from my last show... finally... video. If you've never seen a show, this should give you a feel for what they look like. Check out the music page.

23 February 2006
Thanks to all those folks who were able to stick around for my SPARK set - your enthusiasm was inspiring! Apologies to those who had to bolt before that... it ended up being really super late. I've got two much earlier shows coming up...

16 February 2006
I've put brand new songs up here and updated versions of other songs on myspace.com.

11 February 2006
Welcome to the new Sounding Spirals website! I'm mildly obsessed with woodcuts and etchings, and I happened upon a geography text book from 1902 loaded with amazing etchings. So here you go... In other news, I'm going to be a dad in July. Amazing.

2 February 2006
The other night, Bush gave his state of the union address. He never mentioned global climate change, but he did mention a prohibition on human-animal hybrids (a pressing issue in uncertain times for sure...). Be that as it may, I have a couple of cool shows coming up. I will play at least two brand spanking new songs at each show. They're pretty good...